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Jean Cochran has been one of America’s most familiar voices to millions of radio listeners for decades as a newscaster on NPR’s Morning Edition. ┬áHer newscasts have aired live on 849 member stations nationwide, heard by nearly 27-million listeners every week. For most of her 33 years at NPR, Cochran wrote 5-minute round-ups of world […]

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Life After NPR

By on November 26, 2017 in Journalism, NPR, Radio News with No Comments

For years…as people left NPR for one reason or another…those of us who stayed behind were left to wonder: Is There Life After NPR? What would it be like, not toiling away for the best broadcast news outlet in the world? Why would one want to do anything else?
But after 33 years of going to work in the middle of the night and then going to bed in the early evening…I had the opportunity in 2013 to find the answers to those questions for myself. I took the buyout and made the leap.
And, after nearly 4 years of sleeping through the night and joining the ‘normal’, I’m happy to say YES! There is rewarding, exciting Life After NPR!
However, life being the curve-thrower that it is, I spent most of the first year (2014) disoriented and lost. As I left NPR I also lost my Very Significant Other to cancer. It was a dark time, trying to reinvent myself while grieving.
But by 2015 the fog began to lift. And ideas started to come.  I volunteered. I strength-trained twice a week. Developed a walking schedule with a neighbor: 4 times a week and still going strong. I traveled: to Ireland, Italy, Turkey and Eastern Europe. I reduced my Eco-Footprint by installing a solar system on my house. And I bought an electric vehicle (Chevy Bolt).
Slowly but surely, life has settled into a rhythm. I was patient with myself, gave it time and continued to build on and improved it.
Now I volunteer at the Metropolitan Washington EAR-a service for the blind-reading from the Washington Post. (not a stretch for my particular skill set) I still walk and work-out regularly. Exercise will always be a priority. And I found the Library of Congress. It offers handicapped services and I now read books and magazines for that. They pay me and as a part-time commitment, it suits my schedule.  I’ve built a home studio and am aiming to find audible book narration contracts (find me at ACX.com) and to do my work for the LofC from home. Progress!
And next: I’d like to commence blogging.
I still take in an incredible amount of news each day and have not shortage of thoughts on it. And, I’m a student of ‘the good life’ and how to live it. Rather than attempt to set a particular focus for my writing, I think that, for now, I’ll keep it wide open.

We’ll see what develops next.
Thanks for stopping by.
You can follow me on Twitter @NPRNewsGirl and find me on Facebook at Jean Cochran

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